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Acceptable Use Policy

The use of PakTimes.Com services is governed by following Acceptable Use Policy and Terms.

Hosted Content:
PakTimes.Com does not allow any of the following content to be hosted.

Illegal Material:
This includes copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, or music files that are illegal and copy righted, and any material in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation.

Adult Material:
Includes all pornography, erotic images, or otherwise obscene content. The designation of "adult material" is left entirely to the discretion of PakTimes.Com.

It includes pirated software, ROMS, emulators, phreaking, hacking, and password cracking. IP spoofing, etc., and encrypting of any of the above. Also includes any sites which provide "links to" or "how to" information about such material.

Other Material:
Any material we feel to be abusive, effect or could effect the operation of the service or affect other Internet users. The designation of "abusive" is left entirely to the discretion of PakTimes.Com. All rights reserved.

Resource Usage:
Users may not initiate the following:
To run any process that requires more than 5Mb of memory space, more than 15 CPU seconds, or use more than 5% of all available system resources at any time.
You can run any type of interactive real-time chat applications that need server resources. Remotely hosted services are fully allowed.
Run any process that interacts with the MySQL Database Management Server using persistent connections. The use of persistent connections to connect to the MySQL Database Management Server on PakTimes.Com servers is strictly prohibited. Any account found to be in violation of this policy would be immediately suspended.
The use of SQL Server remote connectivity is for creating, deploying and maintaining databases. We do not allow remote applications (desktop and web) to connect to database to perform live operations. Such activities should be only performed by locally hosted applications.
Use of SQL Server Enterprise Manager (SQLEM) without SP3 or SP3a is not permitted. See this page for a detailed explanation. In addition, using our production SQL Server servers for primary development and testing is not permitted. We allow our customers to connect to our SQL Server servers with SQLEM and Query Analyzer (SQLQA) in order to perform minor development changes and perform routine database maintenance. Customers performing major database development and testing should utilize their own workstations and servers for primary development purposes or purchase dedicated services.
This policy does not preclude you from using SQLEM or SQLQA to perform minor changes to your database, however, it does preclude you from using our production database servers as your primary source for database development and you cannot perform the majority of database development directly on our production servers. MSDE is an excellent and inexpensive platform available free from Microsoft for the purpose of providing a platform for your primary database development.
The use Data Transformation Services (DTS) is allowed for the purpose of occasionally transferring your database structure to or from our production servers, however, DTS is not permitted to be used as a replication tool to replicate your data to or from our production servers on a regular basis. These processes should be performed during off peak hours in order to prevent disruption to production services on shared SQL Servers.
Shared SQL Server services are designed to provide data services between customers databases and their websites via an internal private network. Although we permit remote connectivity to shared SQL Servers, this is not their primary function nor do we guarantee any service level of connectivity. While customers may use shared SQL Server services for remote applications, we consider this connectivity a low priority and may from time to time disconnect all external connections for troubleshooting purposes. All external connections are bound by the same performance rules and guidelines that govern internal connections to a shared SQL Server.
Customers using a disproportionate amount of shared server resources, such as CPU cycles, system memory, transactions, bandwidth, etc., as determined solely by, and at the discretion of PakTimes.Com Hosting, whether through the use of DTS, heavy database development, poor application design, poor database design, or due to high traffic volumes, are subject to temporary or permanent interruption of services, and Customer agrees to permit PakTimes.Com Hosting to temporarily disable any or all services deemed necessary to reduce the load on the servers and restore resources to normal operating levels for other customers sharing the services. Customer agrees that it is in the best interest of all parties sharing the server to disable Customer's site and/or database until such time the Customer can resolve any issue causing the application or database to consume an abnormal share of the servers resources and return the application or database back to a state of normal operation as determined solely by PakTimes.Com Hosting. 40% of allocated diskspace is used for emails and 60% is used for webpages, databases and logs. There are situations where this distribution cannot be monitored and enforced by hosting panel/ server; in such situation user must comply when informed.

Zero Tolerance Spam Policy
We take a zero tolerance attitude against sending of unsolicited e-mail, commonly known as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated without notice.
PakTimes.Com reserves the right to require changes or disable as necessary any web site, account, database, or other component that does not comply with this policy, at its sole discretion and also have the right to make any such modifications in an emergency at our sole discretion.
We charge the holder of the account used to send any unsolicited e-mail a clean up fee. The cost of the "clean up fee" is left entirely to the discretion of company. All rights reserved.

No account (domain) hosted on PakTimes.Com servers may send in excess of one-hundred (100) emails per ten (10) minutes or one thousand (1000) emails per twenty-four (24) hours. Any account found in violation of this policy will be immediately suspended.

Unlimited/ No-limit packages:
For unlimited packages (where ever any resource is mentioned unlimited like unlimited domains, unlimited datatransfer/ bandwidth or unlimited disk space) the following terms and conditions will also apply.
The following files are not allowed mp3s, audios, videos, anime, .rar files, Warez.
Gamers sites, shout cast and similar, picture uploads, file sharing, picture sharing are not allowed.
The accounts cannot be used for general storage of any kind.
The accounts cannot be used for email storage.
The accounts cannot be used for upload or download portals of any kind.
The sale of ebooks and other downloadable material is also prohibbted (it might be allowed within reason)
The accounts cannot be used as a distribution point for any kind of files and data.
They may not be used for HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs), Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes.
No-Limits/ Unlimited package are for hosting webpages and webgraphics, and does not allow downloads or streaming media. Any files that are not viewable in browsers are considered downloads. Maximum webgraphics size should no more than 1500KB.
proxy servers are not allowed.
All files hosted must be directly linked on WebPages, and accessible from internet for every one.
Offering free hosting is not permitted.
Hosting a torrent is not allowed in unlimited reseller packages.

Domain Name Transfer-Out
Please note that domain transfers away incur an administration fee of $35 for each domain paid by the user as per the ICANN policy.

Site Restoration Charges
Once site is hold for non payment or in case customer fail to renew on time, customer will pay site restoration charges US$ 35. If get re-activation after 15 days from expiry date. Site will be deleted from server without any notice if expired or in non-paid status after 20 days of expiry.

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