250cc Chinese Harley Davidson Bike Available in Pakistan now.

chines bike

The World’s biggest cruiser maker is looking to the world’s biggest motorcycle market as an avenue of future growth. Harley-Davidson Motor Company has approached Zongshen Motorcycle Group about a relationship that would allow Harley to make inroads into the very difficult Chinese market.

Though the most populous country in the world is not liklely to be a major market for premium motorcycles such as Harley’s products in the immediate future, the firm obviously believes that the developing economy of the People’s Republic will soon make it viable as an outlet for luxuries like Harleys. Chinese buyers purchase more motorcycles than any other country in the world, but the vast majority of those are small under-250cc utilitarian machines used as a primary form of transportation.

Many of those motorcycles are sold by the company that Harley hopes will partner with it and help it gain entry to the nortoriously xenophobic Chinese economy. Zongshen makes a million 50cc to 250cc motorcycles a year and twice that many motorcycle engines. It is reportedly working on a 1000cc four, and has been sponsoring entries (on Hondas and Suzukis) in world endurance and superbike racing for publicity and research. Zongshen also supplies marine outboard, minicar, and over a million other small engines (in 50 varieties and 700 types) annually. It employs about 20,000 people, has over 50 subsidiaries, and distributes its products throught Asia as well as to Europe and the U.S. It recently spent $30 million on an engineering center and has a 300-person R&D; facility as well. In 2002 and 2003, Forbes listed Zongshen Chairman, Zuo Zongshen, 51, among China’s 100 richest people.

Both companies could gain from the relationship. Harley wants a profitable entry into the massive Chinese market, which seems poised to grow in Harley’s direction. The big American motorcycle maker hopes an alliance with Zongshen would guide it past the considerable obstacles it foresees as it tries to do business in China. Zongshen could benefit from an association with the American icon, and Harley’s statement below says the Chinese firm would be offered information on some of Harley’s technology and strategies. However, those are just the starting positions; further discussions will decide what, if anything, any deal involves.


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