3 Easy Tips To Make Healthy Hair

Healthy hair

3 Easy Tips To Make Healthy Hair:

Healthy Hair: The Specialists doctors says that the normal hair falling up to 150 a day. If you pull a bunch of nearly 60 to 70 hairs and only 5 to 10 of them stay in your hand. Then you no need to worry. If you have more than 15 , so it  is a sign that you pay attention to your health. At that time, It is not too much late to take care of your hair, so there are some easy and simple tips that you can apply. Healthy hairs are looking beautiful.

Genetic predisposition, aging, stress, pollution, dryness and unhealthy lifestyle there are a lot of reasons to hair fall. We cannot reverse natural changes. “Nothing is impossible”, it is possible to put this process on hold and decrease the amount of hair we fall or we loss. There are the some useful tips and habits everyone who suffer for this problems.

Be Careful of high heat:

Styling tool

We are not use the styling tools for hairs, because styling tools have heat. The heat makes your hair thin, brital and dry, and they fall out more often.

The hot showers are too much dangerous for hairs.


  • Apply on hairs, heat protecting sprays.
  • Whenever possible let your hair dry naturally.
  • Remember the main point: if the hair styling tool for skin, it’s too hot for hairs , so avoid it.

Scalp massage:



It’s time to treat your head. A scalp massage is a wonder and great technique as it stimulates blood circulation, which is beneficial for our new healthy  hair growth.

Advice how to do:

  • Before shower, you apply the coconut oil and massage slowly slowly.
  • After applying the shampoo or conditioner, move your fingers slowly slowly in your hair and smoothly all around your head.
  • Use scalp massagers.

Increase Healthy food:

Healthy food

  • The increasing of healthy food is good for growing hair.
  • Eggs: The eggs have proteins and biotin which are helpful for hair growth.
  • Carrots: your scalp will always get enough natural oils. Thanks to vitamin A.
  • Nuts and seeds: They provides a lot of proteins, biotin and contains oil.
  • Spinach: Bunches of Spinach have a lot of vitamins plus iron makes oxygen come into the hair follicles.

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