Top 5 Delusions about Cancer disapproved by Scientists


Top 10 Delusions about Cancer disapproved by Scientists:

According to the National Cancer Institute reviewed recent facts regarding cancer. National cancer institute has focus on some of the most common misunderstanding.

What is cancer?

A term for diseases in which the abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues.

What is death rate of cancer?

According to the annual research report from the American cancer society, in 2015 the cancer death rate for both men and women combined had drop down to 26% from its peak time in the year 1991. Cancer mortality drops another 1.7%. Lung cancer death rate is 45%. breast cancer death rate is 39%. Prostate cancer death rate is 52%. Colorectal cancer death rate is also 52%.

Can Sugar, glucose consumption promotes cancer development?

Cancer development

No, the large amount of sweet doesn’t promote cancer cells. There is no information about sweet that’s lead to cancer. National Cancer Institute have no proving information that’s the sweets can recover the cancer cells.

Does Cancer inherited?

Cancer inherited

Some people are born with a gene mutation that they inherited from their mother or father. Cancer develops diseases only 5 to 10% as a result of mutations that are passed in new generations. An environment factor doesn’t affect the cancer.

Can cause artificial sweeteners on ontological diseases?

Artificial sweeteners

No, some scientists do a research on saccharin to clearly proved that the consumption of these products doesn’t cause any kind of cancer. All these types of sweeteners are approved and accepted by FDA (Food Development Authority). Sweeteners doesn’t cause any bad affect on your health. These are just used to put some sweetness into the meal.

Does diet effect influence cancer development?

Dye hair

No, diet doesn’t effect on the influence cancer development. According to scientists research eating more fruits and vegetables, the sign of increase of malignant tumors declines 80%.

Hair dye cause cancer:

No, hair dye doesn’t effect on cancer development. The some scientist research hair dye can affect the bladder cancer and develops the bladder cancer.

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