A Hot Topic 5G Wireless Network at MWC 2018

5G Technology

5G Technology:

The 5G Technology (wireless network) is a hot topic in the Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2018, which is constant in Barcelona with various tech companies disclosing their own future development about 5G services.

The 5G technology is based on the same radio regularity tech, that has been former used for Television broadcast, Walkie-talkies and wi-fi signals. The 5G network will be capable to shift data at a superior speed and can upload ultra 3D and HD videos to build a rapid connection between your devices and app.

As higher radio regularity cannot travel faster as compared to what we experienced in lower Radio frequency so it will rely on Artificial Intelligence IT and small antennas to work rapidly.  The 5G networks will give faster speed and lower latency network connections.

In Mobile World Congress (MWC) various telecom operators including;  Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon shared their past plans of a 5G wireless network even as most of them formally announced that they will officially launch 5G technology wireless network services until 2020 year.

According to T-Mobile point of view, it would offer universally coverage by 2020 not only for computers but for mobiles too, it promote stated that it would begin building out the 5G Technology wireless network in thirty cities of the US this year, as well as Los Angeles, Newyork, Las-Vegas, and Dallas by 2019.

Whereas AT&T had prior announced this year that they are bringing 5G services to twelve markets by the end of 2018. As of now, AT&T’s senior vice leader of Wireless Network Architecture and Design Igal Elbaz has said,

We obviously needed the values that just fulfilled in December … and now it’s mainly about putting mutually the ecosystem or the vendors that we’re working with to be able to have the device, the tols,”

Through 5G mobile services, many internet connected devices will experience the faster speed of data transferring with a stronger connection but it still can be challengeable because we need a phone that should be as fast as 5G.

In the meantime, our country Pakistan is going to be one of the early markets in Asia, which are testing 5G services by the end of 2020, as indicated by many regulators and government. By the end of next year, PTA will apparently assign the bands of the 5G scale to many telcos but during this testing period, telcos cannot charge their customers for 5G services.

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