A chip made by Intel resembles the brain


A  chip made by Intel that resembles brain. It’s a very amazing technology that helps to keep your data in a large amount in your brain. There are many cores of this brain chip contain various data. It depend on your brain size. This chip made with different technologies which helps to make your brain fresh & active in present and future days. It helps also to remember everything and never forget your thinking which you want to keep in your mind. This chip always try to your brain standard up every time.

Intel’s research lab,  manufactured this new chip, dubbed Loihi (will attempt to solve problems with thousands of spiking silicon neurons of its own. Like your neurons, they can adjust the connections between themselves and adapt to new tasks. This chip have many cores which helps to keep your data safely in right place. The amount of brain cores are as under.

This chip  contain 128 computing cores,  in each core with 1,024 simulated neurons, giving the chip a total of more than 130,000 neurons and 130 million synaptic connections makes it a little more composite than a lobster brain. In In other words, it has a long way to go before it can even come close to doing what the human brain does on a daily basis.

 When you’re asked to carry out different or even think about something, neurons in your brain exchange your data in a series of electrical impulse. Researchers at Intel, in an attempt to mimic real brain function, have begun experimenting with so-called neuromorphic chips that attempt to closely resemble how a real brain functions.



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