Apple accurate blood pressure monitor coming soon

Apple healthcare app

Apple healthcare app:

Apple healthcare app is a modern technology. Apple acquires a patent of a cuff wearable device prepared with a sensor to monitor BP rate.

It appears like Apple is greatly involved in healthcare products and taking the company beyond the healthcare app. According to US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple, recently, is granted a patent of wearable device that is used to track patient’s BP when it becomes too high or too low. The cuff wearable is expected to feature a touch screen display and might be Bluetooth compatible.

According to report, a blood pressure watching system is comprised of a pressure sensor, an expandable structure consists of a large number of expandable cells, lies within expandable cells there are least three expandable cells or two repeating expandable cells and an expansion actuator configured to expand the expandable member.

The design is unarguably similar to any other BP calculating device that works through airbags or cells that exert significant pressure on wearers arms and cut off the blood flow. The device then gets a measure of maximum heart output that is what we call systolic pressure and later gets a resting output called diastolic pressure.

According to patent point of view, the new Apple’s device is planned to have either one sensor or several, in each airbag to monitor the BP as it flows through the user’s arm or leg. There is an “actuator” as well to measure how much pressure is needed to get a good reading without crushing the user’s arm entirely.

Yesterday we reported that Apple is adding a new Application Programming Interface (API) to its ResearchKit framework that will enable Apple Watch to monitor the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In a world where neural diseases and blood pressure is increasingly on rising, Apple’s move to focus on health care needs clearly makes a sense.

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