Apple iPhone X Security Face ID fail

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X:

Apple iPhone X Security Face ID fail Hackers Say They’ve Broken Face ID after a Week when it released on 3 November. Unlocking it is as easy as looking at it and swiping up. After being prompted to enter his passcode, Federighi was forced to grab a backup device to continue with the demonstration.

While Face ID, Apple iPhone X native facial recognition technology, is one of the key compelling features of the iPhone X, it seems to have some loopholes. Some security researchers have already claimed to have fooled Face ID with 3D-printed masks. And now, a mother and her 10-year-old son show how Face ID can be fooled, failing to secure the experience between family members.

By contrast, the Bkav researchers say they were able to crack Apple iPhone X Face ID with a cheap mix of materials, 3-D printing rather than face-casting, and perhaps most surprisingly, fixed, two-dimensional printed eyes. The researchers haven’t yet revealed much about their process, or the testing that led them to that technique, which may prompt some skepticism. But they say that it was based in part on the realization that Face ID’s sensors only checked a portion of a face’s features, which WIRED had previously confirmed in our own testing.


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