Four Person Arrested By FIA For ATM Skimming Fraud

ATM Skimming Fraud

ATM Skimming Fraud:

Four persons are arrested by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for ATM Skimming Fraud on Sunday linked to Indian hackers. Tow suspects used to gather data from shopping malls. There are some developments on the case of ATM skimming where hundreds of natives in Pakistan lost millions of rupees a little while back. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested four suspects from Islamabad who were linked to Indian hackers.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has started probing into the matter under the Cyber Crimes Act.

These skimming devices were placed in individual ATMs which allows them to read the entire customer card information and to use it for with drawl of cash.

Around 600 customers complained to be a victim of this scam.

Director FIA Sindh Amir Ahmed Sheikh said that four such skimming cases were detected over the past year, which led to the arrest of three Chinese citizens. The aforementioned accused used to fit a skimming device in the cardholder slot of the ATM machine, which obtained the users’ card data. The device was also fitted with a camera, which revealed the users’ password to them.





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