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samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been developing in stories and leaks for quite a...

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Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips: PakTimes.Com brought to you skin care Tips which, helps you to look beautiful and gorgeous. As we...

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OnePlus Smartphone

OnePlus Smartphone: OnePlus Smartphone is ready to unveil the OnePlus 6 at the start of next month and the...

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Oppo Smartphone

Oppo Smartphone: First Oppo smartphone lanched in 2018, introducing the all-new OPPO F7 smartphone and are now planning to...

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Melon benefits

Melon benefits: Here are many melon benefits which are perfect for health. Its very sweet fruit. There are huge amount of...

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Fish Cooked in Coconut Milk Sauce: PakTimes brought to you fish recipe. In this recipe fish cooked in coconut...

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huawei smartphone

Huawei Smartphone: Many Android Go devices have started to hit international markets like the Nokia 1 and ZTE Tempo...

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Amazon: Amazon already owns 33% shares of after the e-commerce giant acquired Souq, a Dubai based online retailer....

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Renewable energy business

Apple Renewable energy business: Renewable energy business: Now Apple just announced that their facilities are fully powered by natural...

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Benefits of Used Tea Bags: Tea Bags: There are many health benefits of used green Tea bags. If you...

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