Avoid Medical Supplements (Vitamin’s) We Shouldn’t Take it.

Medical Supplements

Medical Supplements:

Avoid Medical Supplements (Vitamin’s) we shouldn’t take these Supplements because these are harmful for our health and physical fitness.  Now there are many medical supplements are available in markets today. All of these are harmful for our life we should avoid to take.

We should adopt natural ways, there are may types of vitamin’s include in fruits , vegetables , milk , yogurt etc. Various medical conditions, such as chronic digestive diseases and food intolerance, also create a need for vitamin supplements. Though numerous natural health-care practitioners use blood tests that supposedly check your nutrient levels, the tests lack scientific validity. If your doctor suspects a vitamin deficiency, he will likely run standard health tests, such as checking your blood cell counts, glucose levels, electrolytes and organ function. He will also ask you questions about your diet and lifestyle. In other words, vitamin deficiencies are diagnosed based on the symptoms they present and confirmed by your doctor’s assessment of your overall health and dietary habits.

Most health-care practitioners agree that whole, natural foods remain the optimum source of nutrients. If your diet is lousy or your body’s ability to absorb vitamins is compromised, however, you may require supplements. Registered dietitian Lauren Schmidt recommends that populations at risk for not meeting their nutrient needs, such as elderly adults, pregnant women and children, consider a basic multi-vitamin supplement. Women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding, strict vegans and vegetarians, and anyone who consumes fewer than 1,600 calories daily or can’t stick to a balanced diet may also require supplements.




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