What Is DASH Diet And Why Doctors Recommend It?

DASH diet

What Is DASH Diet And Why Doctors Recommend It?

World Best Diet: In the list of world best diet is DASH diet that has been the best for a number of years. The doctors are says that it is the most effective and healthy diet that can strengthen one’s health. According to the doctors of the National Institute of Health, DASH diet scores the 3.3 points out of 5. “Weight Loss Effectiveness” scores 4.5 points out of 5.

What is DASH diet?


The abbreviation of DASH is “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). DASH is a diet that specially developed blood pressure reduction when a person experiences hypertension. According to scientist research this diet resolves many other important problems: weight normalization, stroke, heart failure prevention and cholesterol level reduction. DASH diet is the best diet to prevent diabetes.

Concept of DASH diet:


Concept for dash diet

These are responsible for the functioning of internal organs, hair, skin health and internal organs are balanced with DASH diet. According to doctors you have need to eat fruits, grain products, dairy products, protein containing foods and vegetables. Use less amount of salt in your dishes.

Important rules:

There are the some main principles you should follow.

  1. Drink 2 liters water in 24 hours.
  2. Eat food 3 times a day. Your weight should not be more than 214 gram.
  3. Daily calories intake: around 2000 to 2500 kcal.
  4. You should try to eat more pulses, seeds, beans, lean meat and vegetables.
  5. Sweets are used twice a week.
  6. Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco.
  7. Use a salt 2 to 3 tea spoon per day.
  8. If you are hungry than you take a bite.
  9. Avoid smoked and fatty foods.

You Can Eat:

According to the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet, to form a proper diet you should set your mind according to your diet. If you want to lose or to become healthier.

Ingredients                                            Quantity

Proteins:                                 lean meat, fish or eggs (0.3 kilogram)

Cereals:                                   loaf of bread (one serving) cooked pasta, porridge (1/2 cup)

Fruit:                                       (one serving=1) dried fruits (1/4 cup) juice (1/2 cup)

Vegetables:                            (1/2 cup)

Seeds, beans, nuts:              (5 times a week ½ cups)

Vegetable and animal fats:  (3 times a day=t tea spoon)

Sweet dishes:                         (2 times a week)

Fluids:                                     (water, green tea, juice=2 liters)

Avoid Foods:

Avoid foods

We have to avoid all the unhygienic and unhealthy foods. For example: Fast food, chips, alcohol, fatty meat, smoke and canned food.
You can eliminate harmful foods and products finally.


The DASH diet is safe, healthy, easy and useful diet that you can feel better. It is helpful for to get rid of excess weight. Some diets provides us a large amount of vitamins and micro elements to your body.

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