National identity Database of India Hacked


Database Security:

The biometric Database Security of India’s central, which keeps information of more than one billion people, data of these people has been breached by hackers. This latest news updated two days ago all over the world, it is the latest news of India.

An investigation by India’s Tribune newspaper, the Aadhaar biometric database has been compromised, with hackers installing a gateway into the database and selling access to personal identity information for a little 500 rupees. The Tribune Journalists were able to buy personal information via WhatsApp. The hackers involved in to this, hacked the sensitive information of India’s national database of identification.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is responsible for Aadhaar, has been refused that sensitive information hacked, but according to Tribune investigation was able to buy users information.

Image of Hacked National identity Database of India:

Database security
Database security


The illegal portal into the database enables a user to enter the distinctive Aadhaar user identity, and access addresses, post codes, pictures, phone numbers, landline numbers and email addresses. A three hundred (300) rupee fee, hackers will provide software to allow a victim’s Aadhaar card to be printed.

A report by Indian news website The Quint, has suggested that Aadhaar has a security mistake, which allows anyone with managing director access to the database. It also grants director manager privileges to any other person, a process which can be revised over and over. This would give those newly appointed with administration privileges approach to the identifying information including names, addresses, dates of birth, parents names, gender, mobile numbers, landline numbers, language, but it is not include the biometric information.

Aadhaar keeps biometric information including in fingerprints and iris scans. The UIDAI (unique Identification Authority of India) said that the biometric information and other sensitive data has not been compromised, but that it has filed a police complaint.

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