Five types of bellies and how to fix them


Bellies Types:

Our body shape is the reflection of our personality. Therefore, we should care ourselves and try to maintain our body stable. Mostly ladies have many issues related to their physical appearance and body maintenance. In human beings bellies are one of the big part of the body. If we neglect this part of our body so, with the passage of time our belly look ugly. If you want to stable it you should remember that first of all it is necessary to find the cause of the appearance of the belly and how to fix it.

You should understand the features of different types of bellies, causes of their physical appearance and the tips how we can stable it. This is depending on the cause of the appearance.

sometimes belly  increases as a result of unhealthy food, sometimes as a result of eating fast foods. To fix your belly with little effort, you should find the cause of its appearance.


There Are Five Kinds Of Bellies:

Alcohol belly

Mommy belly

Stressed-Out Belly

Hormonal belly

Bloated Belly


1. Alcohol belly

Due to alcohol our belly increase day by day. Alcohol includes wine, beer and shampion etc. There are many calories include in these types of alcohol, which are bad for your health and belly fat. You should stop drinking alcohol. Its also dangerous for your life.

Alcohol belly
Alcohol Belly

2. Mommy belly

At the time of baby birth your belly contains a large amount of fats. If you want to fix your belly you should do exercise on daily base. Also, you should recommended a good doctor in this condition.

mommy belly
Mommy Belly

3. Stressed-Out Belly

Due to poor sleeping and stress affect our body very much and cause of fats in the area of your stomach. You should try to sleep eight hours a day and avoid to drink too much coffee.

Stressed out Belly
Stressed out Belly

4. Hormonal belly

Hormonal dis-balance is one of the biggest problem that leads to gaining your weight rapidly. You should maintain your diet and eat healthy foods to remain healthy and fit through out of your life.

Hormonal belly
Hormonal belly

5. Bloated Belly

Digestive problem can also be one of the biggest reason of belly fat. You should drink regularly water in some excessive usage on daily bases.

Bloated Belly
Bloated Belly

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