Google is introducing Material Design to Gmail

material design by google

Google introduced Material Design to gmail 2017

Creating a truly enjoyable and rewarding product for our customers is what fuels us to improve the Blinkist experience. We’ve always believed that a major component in achieving this is beautiful, functional design that keeps our readers at its heart.”

The multi-platform design allows NPR One users to consistently perform tasks in a way that feels natural for each device, whether it’s in your pocket, on your wrist, or in your car or home. Even the content feels adaptive, offering a programming range that gives users the option of getting caught up in just a couple of minutes, or diving deep into a topic of interest. Stories are well-organized, enabling targeted searching and casual discovery with equal ease.

Google introduced Material Design with the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop and people loved it. Google then slowly rolled out the design to all of its products and now finally Gmail is getting it and some early screenshots show the new design looks really great. The UI is considerably cleaner and much more minimalist. The tabs names on the left side have also been replaced by some good looking icons.

“Using Material Design, we’ve been able to effectively organize content across public radio and present it in a way that encourages serendipitous listening, while informing the public on local and national issues. It’s an accessible experience that ensures public radio is available to everyone.”

A design system only comes to life when it’s used to create meaningful experiences. The Material Design Awards recognize best-in-class achievements in employing the Material Design system, and honor the makers behind each design.


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