Healthier & Delicious Rice Invents By China that Can Grow With Salt Water

Healthier & Delicious Rice

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Healthier & Delicious Rice:

Healthier & Delicious Rice Invents by china that can grow with salt water (sea water) which are good for our healthy life. Researchers have been trying to grow the grain in salty water for decades but have only now developed varieties that could be commercially viable.

Healthier & Delicious Rice was grown in a field near the Yellow Sea coastal city of Qingdao in China’s eastern Shandong province. Two 200 different types of the grain were planted to investigate which would grow best in salty conditions.

The scientists expected to produce 4.5 tonnes of rice per hectare but the crops exceeded expectations, in one case delivering up to 9.3 tonnes per hectare.

“The test results greatly exceeded our expectations,” Liu Shiping, a professor of agriculture at Yangzhou University who is involved in the project, told Xinhua.

There are one million square kilometres of land in China where crops do not grow because of high salinity. Scientists hope the development of the new rice will allow some of these areas to be used for agriculture.

The rice, which has been named “Yuan Mi,” was grown using seawater from The Yellow Sea, in north east China. This water was diluted and pumped into paddy’s on a beach, rather than a field.

China has around one million square kilometres of waste land that is high in salinity and alkalinity levels.

This breakthrough means the country could potentially use this waste land and produce 50 million tonnes of rice – which could feed 200 million people.

That stat comes from Yuan Longping, an Agricultural scientist who has earned the nickname “China’s father of hybrid rice.”

He believes that if a tenth of the areas with a similar type of soil were planted with this type of rice then China could increase its rice production by 20 per cent.



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