Honda’s connected cars will use over 5G to communicate


Honda’s connected cars:

Honda’s connected cars will use over 5G to communicate. Honda’s Last year, the two announced plans to make cars emotive using cloud-based tech based on Soft Bank’s Pepper robot (think Knight Rider’s KITT). The fruits of that collaboration are beginning to emerge, in the guise of the auto-maker’s AI-assisted NeuV and Sports EV concepts. With the clock ticking down to Honda’s 2025 deadline for driver less cars, the duo are moving on to the next phase in their connected cars project, which is all about 5G.

Its a very modern technology for every one. The company further revealed that in April next year, Soft bank will start installing experiential 5G base stations at Honda R&D’s Takasu Proving Ground and the two companies will start full-fledged joint research under the 5G environment.

In a press statement, it was announced that the two companies will create a 5G environment by utilizing Honda’s closed test course and work to develop the following technologies.

The development of technologies and on-board antennas which will enable a stable handover of base stations for communication by a vehicle moving at high-speed.

Recovery technologies for areas with weak/out-of-range signals. The development of technologies that can secure data sending/receiving performance in areas with a weak signal as well as data processing technologies.


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