Imli Aur Aaloo Bukharay Ka Sharbat  

Imli Aur Aaloo Bukharay Ka Sharbat  

Imli Aur aloo bukhara Ka Sharbat:

Imli Aur aloo bukhara Ka Sharbat plays very important role in our life. It is also called Tamarind Plum Drink. Its very effective for everyone. It provides us energy to do any work. We should drink it in summer season. There are many benefits of it. A large amount of energy contain in it. As we know that energy is essential for every person, without energy we cannot do any work. Tamarind Plum Drink does not go harm your body but benefit it anyway. It not only reduces the heat effects but also gives cool fresh feeling. It helps to improve your digestive system, control cholesterol, make your skin fresh, healthy and smooth.

How to make Imli Aur aloo bukhara Ka Sharbat?

Its very simple to make Imli Aur Aaloo Bukharay Ka Sharbat. Ingredients are mentioned below to make it. All of these ingredients are natural and healthy.


  •  Tamarind 125 gm
  • Dried Plums (Aaloo Bukhara) 125 gm
  • Dried apricots 250 gm
  • Caster Sugar 1/2 Cup
  •  Black Salt 1/2 tsp
  •  Crushed Ice
  •  Basil seeds (optional) 2 tbsp

Method To Make Sharbat:

Imli Aur aloo bukhara  Ka Sharbat: First of all soak separately tamarind 125 gm, dried plums 125 gm, dried apricot overnight in one cup of water each, remove seeds from all three and blend it well.

Strain and cook all together with 2 cups water, 1/2 cup sugar and remove from stove.

To Serve:

Put ice in a blender with blended mixture, 1/2 tsp black salt and blend well.
Serve chilled, 2 tbsp soaked basil seeds can also be used for garnish.

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