How Imran Khan fared on social media during Elections 2018

Imran khan

Imran khan:

Imran khan call for a “Naya Pakistan” has seemingly been adopted by the public, which is evident by the fact that the word is trending on Twitter right now.

The 2018 elections have finally come to an end. Official results are still pouring in but non-official results present only one narrative: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has won the mandate of the people and will form the federal government. This comes after a long struggle on part of the Chairman of PTI, Imran khan. Khan, who is a renowned cricketer and is widely acclaimed in the country for being aggressively stubborn has gained the support of the Pakistani public and that can be seen by the social media stats alone. Here is a summary of how the term “Imran Khan” has influenced social media in the last month:

imran khan on social media


To put the numbers in easier words, over 661 million people talked about Imran Khan in the last month. The term got over 12,000 mentions on Facebook, raking in almost 488 million people. The 12,000 mentions got over 15,000 interactions, i.e. people who liked/reacted on the posts.

imran khan interaction on social media


The term had a reach of roughly 180 million people on Twitter while it raked in over 310,000 interactions, which consist of likes, retweets etc.

imran khan interaction onTwitter


In terms of individual influencers, ARY News bagged the top spot with 12% voice share and received over 82 million views. To further simplify this, out of the 82 million views, 12% of content was about the term “Imran Khan”, which means that ARY played a huge role in getting Khan’s message across the country. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s official Facebook page raked in 65 million views. Imran Khan’s personal page got over 32 million views.
Most Influential sites
Coming again to individual sites, Facebook topped the charts with over 15 billion visits each month, with over 12552 mentions of the term “Imran Khan”. YouTube and Twitter follow with 14 billion and 2 billion respectively.
influential sites on facebook
Seeing these statistics, it’s obvious that online media has played a huge role in the publicity of the Chairman of PTI and his policies. Question is, will the former cricketer be able to fulfill his promises or will the claims remain claims?

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