How To Increase Your Height & Become Taller In Just 1 Week?

Increase Height 

Increase Your Height & Become Taller:

Paktimes brings to you some natural tricks for increase your height in  just one week. Now you can Increase Height 1 to 2 inch by this way. Its a very effective way to become taller. This happens due to the shrinking of the spine during the day and its returning to shape when you lie down.


                                          1. Ride A Bicycle


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If you want to Increase Your Height you should ride a bike, adjust the seat so that you have to stretch your legs to reach the pedals. Don’t place it too high, though, or you can damage your joints.


                                          2. HANG On A BAR


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Its an easy exercise. You just hang on to the bar, stay like this for as long as you can, and gradually increase the time. The exercise helps strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles.


                           3. STAND ON YOUR SHOULDERS



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Stretch your legs upward as hard as you can. It’s crucial to keep your body at a right angle and not allow your legs to fall abruptly, or you may get injured.


                                       4. COBRA EXERCISE

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This exercise can also stretch your back, abs, the back of your hips, and your buttocks.


                                     5. BENDS YOUR BODY

Image result for Bend your bodyTry to keep your legs straight and touch your fingers to your toes. Start off gently, and gradually increase the number and depth of the bends.


                                              6. JUMPING


Image result for Jumping by rope


This exercise helps Increase Height & strengthen the bones and muscles, and, in time, you’ll become a little taller.


                    7. CRAB ON YOUR SHOULDERS


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 This simple exercise helps strengthen the lower back while pumping your abs and buttocks. It gives you help to Increase Height.


                                           8. SWIM


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Swimming tops the list of exercises that help you get taller. In the water, the load on the inter vertebral disks and bones is far less, and your joints become more mobile. This makes increasing height easier.


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