Internet is Better than India, Pakistan Ranked at 89

Internet Speed Ranked Pakistan at 89

Internet Speed Ranked Pakistan at 89:

Internet Speeds Ranked Pakistan at 89 which is better than India report is published by Ookla. Pakistan is ranked 89th in the mobile internet network. India is ranked 109th in the mobile Internet speed while its neighboring countries Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka – have registered better speed.

In the broadband space, however, things fare a bit better, with India ranked at 76 out of 133 countries.

The Ookla Speedtest Global Index for November suggests that mobile data networks in India is 8.80Mbps, which is down marginally from 8.83Mbps in October, though significantly higher than 7.65Mbps average speed at the beginning of the year.

As far as India’s neighbours are concerned, China is ranked 23rd with 61.24Mbps, while Sri Lanka is 71st with 19.26Mbps. However, Bangladesh is ranked 85th (16.14Mbps), Nepal is ranked 92nd (14.05Mbps) and Pakistan is ranked 126th (6.13Mbps).

These numbers are calculated based on every speed test a user does on the app in every country, to understand a real state of the networks that internet users are relying on.

People in the world, are supporting the growth of technology including the mobile network. Since the past decades, Pakistan also had a quick improvement in the mobile internet network. Even now, Pakistan is getting in the race of advanced technologies and come across with 3G and 4G internet to its users. Prior to this, users were using only 2G technology which has slow downloading and surfing speed.

The Speedtest Global Index report published by Ookla report has claimed that India slipped by one position in November 2017 compared to the average speed telecom networks registered in October all over the world. In the recent time Pakistan has suffered with internet speed and by the working of top professionals around the ISPs (Internet Services Providers) and Telecom Industry competition in Pakistan forced them to provide quality services to obtain maximum profit to their units.

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