From Islamabad Airport A Man Caught In Case to Smuggle 1kg Heroin


 There are many issues in Pakistan. One of the big issue is smuggling.  All of you know that drugs are harmful for our health and life.  Mostly people specially new generation used to drugs. This is not a new incident for the ASF as multiple bids to smuggle drugs to Saudi Arabia.

In this year ASF has captured many criminals that were trying to smuggle drugs into the Arab country

Drugs were hidden in a bag of oranges, come in different sizes and shapes and are used for smoking, insufflation and injecting.

The police have arrested 16 violators in an ongoing drive against drug suppliers in Sargodha. In several raids, the police have recovered 3,345-gram hashish, 125 liquor bottles, 4 pistols and a gun from the culprits.

Our Govt should take an action against this serious issue because if we not try our best for stop it ,with the passage of time many people may lost their lives due to this reason.

Disadvantages of drugs:

There are many disadvantages of drugs some are mentioned as under:

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Health Consequences

Alcohol and drug use has many negative health consequences. For instance, excessive alcohol use can cause damage to the liver and pancreas, ulcers, diabetes and heart problems. Cocaine use can cause holes in the nasal cartilage, lung damage, ulcers, kidney failure and heart attacks.

Mood Changes

Alcohol and drugs cause mood changes. Some people like some of the mood changes. For instance, they may feel happy or even euphoric. They may feel relaxed. Alcohol and drugs can cause unpleasant mood changes, too, though. Alcohol and many drugs can lead to depression. Some drugs cause anxiety, irritability or even paranoia. These mood changes can create problems in relationships and on the job.

Legal Issues

Adults can use alcohol legally and people can also use prescription drugs legally as long as they use them as prescribed. Many drugs are illegal, though. People who use illegal drugs, people who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and people who use prescription drugs improperly can face legal problems, including fines, the loss of a driver’s license and jail time. People may also lose their jobs if they fail drug tests at work.





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