JazzCash offers to buy railway tickets


پاکستان میں ناک کی پلاسٹک سرجری
ناک کی پلاسٹک سرجری، جسے انگریزی زبان میں Rhinoplasty اور Nose Job بھی کہا جاتا ہے، ایسی سرجری ہے جس میں ناک کی ہیئت کو درست کیا جاتا ہے۔ ہیئت کی یہ درستگی شوقیہ طور ناک کی خوبصورت بنانے کے لیے بھی کروائی جاتی ہے اور پیدائشی یا کسی بیماری کے باعث ہونے والے نقص کو دور کرنے کے لیے ، مثلاً سانس کی بہتری یا نتھنے میں کسی پیدائشی نقص یا رکاوٹ ہونے کی صورت میں بھی کی جاتی ہے۔

The solution will also revamp the online ticket fees financial reporting and reconciliation mechanism at Pakistan Railways. This service has been integrated with JazzCash mobile application and web-based interface to allow user to pay from the comfort of their homes.

Speaking on the occasion, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways said, “Pakistan Railways has experienced an unprecedented turnaround in last four years and we have realized that the organization can grow only if it keeps itself abreast with the new technologies of the world. By uplifting Pakistan Railways we have been able to attract 20 million more passengers, to further facilitate them we have opted for IT solutions. We have not only introduced e-ticketing but are also making it hassle free for our passengers. It is due to the success of the present e-ticketing system that leading financial agents in market have shown interest in becoming the business partner of Pakistan Railways. Today joining hands with JazzCash in digitized payment mode is an important milestone of our journey to success and goal to facilitate our valued customers. We are committed to convert Pakistan Railways into one of the best transportation networks in the region.”


“JazzCash is committed towards digitizing Public to Government Payments. This solution has been designed to facilitate people travelling by railway, so they no longer have to stand in long queues to purchase tickets. Convenience has become a necessity in this digital era, and JazzCash is taking the lead in ensuring not only our customers, but the entire nation experiences the ease technology offers,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz.

Speaking on the occasion, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital and Financial Services Officer – Jazz, said, “As a leading digital company, our customer’s financial services needs take top priority and we continue to strive hard in providing them with the best services. JazzCash remains committed to the digitization of financial services and facilities like these further enhance our digital payments network.”

Previously, JazzCash has digitized Directorate General Immigration and Passport, KPK Higher Education Department, Sindh Police for Passport Fees Payment, Students College Admission Processing Fees Payment, Driving License Fee Collection and Pakistan Railway will be another addition to JazzCash’s portfolio


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