Now you can install Windows 95 on macOS, Windows and Linux

Microsoft windows 95

Microsoft windows 95:

Many of us, millennials, started using desktop computers at a time Window 95 was being used almost in all PCs. Now you can relive those moments by downloading and installing Windows 95 on your Windows, macOs or Linux machine. The download file is available on GitHub and requires storage of at most 130MB.

Developer Felix Rieseberg of Slack has turned Microsoft’s popular operating system into a stand-alone application by using a cross-platform development framework Electron.

The Windows 95 seems to be like a full-fledged standalone version of Windows 95. It can run some of the applications including Notepad, Paint, Solitaire and Minesweeper. Other applications are not functional. One interesting thing to note here is that you don’t need to go through the entire booting process of the operating system, it starts as soon as you open the application.


Felix launch tweet has been retweet and liked almost 5,000 times. People are reminiscing about the old operating system and, in fact, are asking Felix to port some more features of Windows 95 in the application. Felix, on the other hand, is already excited to work more on the application and is taking user feedback seriously.

Windows 95 was a consumer-centric and feature-rich operating system by Microsoft. The OS brought along with it an array of new features including Task Bar, Start Menu, some of these features, still remain a part of our operating system experience after more than two decades.

Windows 95 combined Microsoft’s previous MS-DOS and Windows products. It was a landmark operating system with a notably enhanced UI, plug-and-play features, and it later introduced Windows’ trademark Start button and task bar. Three years after its launch, Microsoft introduced Windows 98 and in 2001 seized support for Windows 95.

For most of us, Microsoft windows 95 is dead and your children or younger siblings probably think it is a myth or belongs to the pre-historic era. And rightly so. While Windows 95 was a game changer for computer operating systems, later versions of Windows built up on it to give an enhanced user experience. But you’ll be surprised to know that there are people (and government organizations!) in the world who still use Windows 95.

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