Mini Commodore 64 is coming in 2018


Commodore 64 Mini

To say I’m excited about a Commodore 64 Mini doesn’t really convey the emotion. What is better and more passionate than excited? Adrenalized? That’s a tough word to use in a sentence, but sure—I’m adrenalized about the new Commodore 64 Mini.

The retro console will come with a library of built in retro games—just like it’s Atari and Nintendo console predecessors. It has a couple advantages over the original Commodore 64. It has an HDMI port to connect to televisions from this century, and it has two USB ports to connect to peripherals from this century—like a keyboard.

Authentic Commodore 64 Experience

I am only marginally interested in the games, though. I’m all about connecting a keyboard and digging into the old Commodore 64 operating system environment and cranking out hundreds of lines of code in BASIC so I can make a red ball bounce across the screen while the text “Hello World!” scrolls across the top.

In fact, I will probably still pursue the original Commodore 64 as well, because I want the full, authentic experience. I want to store files on audio cassette tapes and 5.25-inch floppy disks (can you even find either of those things any more?). I’d say I want to experience the 300 baud modem too, but who even has a land line to connect a modem to anymore? Never mind the fact that I wouldn’t actually know where I am supposed to “dial in” to in the context of today’s internet.

The Commodore 64 Mini is scheduled to hit the street in early 2018 for about $70. It will include the library of built-in games, as well as a joystick to play them with, and an HDMI cable to connect it to a display.

I may still try to find an original Commodore 64 in good, working condition, but sign me up for the Commodore 64 Mini as well. I’ll take two.




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