How Fasting in Ramadan Can Maintain Your Body Properly

Muslim Fasting

Muslim Fasting:

In Pakistan, Muslim fasting times from dawn till sunset are expected to last a full 16 hours, with the first day of Ramadan.

These long fasting periods can be good for your mind and body. If you keep fasting correctly, in Ramadan can help you get a fitness jump start by detoxifying your system also help to maintain your balance. By following the 16:8 ratio (16 hour fast followed by 8 hours when you can eat and drink), you can transform your mind and body for the better in the Holy Month.

Today we are going to look at the science of it, about what happens to your mind and body when you start fasting.

Fasting Helps You Burn Fat:

When you fast, your food stock of glycogen are the first to be finished as you go without eating or drinking for sixteen hours a day. After this happens, your body then switches to a secondary source of energy fats.

Do you want to lose weight?

Fasting in Ramadan is one of the best trick for losing more fat than ever. But remember that, if you tend to overstuff yourself during Iftar and later with high-carb food, the benefit is lost. Basically, you need to limit your intake of foods rich in carbohydrates.

Fasting Helps Boost Your Brain:

Fasting in Ramadan can help to create a large amount of protein called brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF). This protein helps keep your mind sharp by regenerating brain stem cells, boosting memory and motor skills. All of this is possible because your body is in a state of ketosis, with ketones helping boost both mind and body.

Some researchers even say that fasting can help delay Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

So how can you achieve a state of ketosis? You can switch to a protein-rich and fat-rich diet, as opposed to high carb foods.

Protein-rich foods include:

  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Soy
  • Lean Beef

Fight Against Aging and Diseases:

Fasting can also help you look better and reverse the effects of aging. It also helps in lowering our blood pressure.

Furthermore, intermittent fasting curbs the production of a hormone known as IGF-1, one that scientists say is related to aging and various diseases. Some preliminary studies have also shown that fasting can stop the growth of cancer and tumor cells in our body.

This is possible because the body produces more ketone than ever. Research says that fasting helps increase ketone levels 20-fold in the human body. This even beats the ketogenic diet which results in just a 4-fold increase in ketones.

As mentioned before, you need to burn fat to accelerate the production of ketones in your body. And that means taking foods with the right kind of fats.

When we mention the right kind of fats, it’s important to know what kinds exist in our food. Currently, we have 3 types of fats:

  1. unsaturated – the kind of fat that is good for your heart. Its found in seafood, vegetable oils, almonds, nuts.
  2. trans – the really bad kind. They are found in baked goods as well as processed snacks plus fried foods.
  3. saturated – the kind of fat we should avoid. Its unhealthy for your heart. Commonly found in animal food such as meat and butter and coconut oil.

In short, unsaturated fats are the way to go here. They are commonly found in:

  • eggs
  • avocados
  • olive oil
  • nuts
  • dark chocolate 
  • cheese


foods with natural fats


So this Ramadan, we should make an effort to change your dietary pattern for the better. Switch carbs with unsaturated fats and protein-rich foods. It may be hard at first, but if you stick the landing, your mind and body will thank you for it in the long run.

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