Pakistani First YouTuber Nadir Ali Gets Gold Play Button From YouTube


Nadir Ali Gets Gold Play Button From YouTube:

Nadir Ali is the first Pakistani YouTuber who gets gold play and silver play button from YouTube. He immediately gained popularity and achieved 1M Subscribers.

Nadir Ali, founder of a comedy YouTube channel,  P 4 Pakao became the first Pakistan based YouTuber.

Yesterday he announced in a post on his Facebook page, P 4 Pakao that he received Gold play button and Silver play button from YouTube.

Nadir ali gets gold and silver play button from YouTube.

He start his channel before two years ago in May 2016, Nadir Ali immediately gained popularity amongst Pakistanis and Indians for his videos about hilarious and witty pranks on people on his YouTube channel. Over a span of two years, Nadir Ali has gained 1.4 million subscribers.

YouTube has four tiers of awards for its channels as an acknowledgement for their achievements in terms of getting subscribers on their channels. The Silver play button is rewarded to channels that have above 100,000 subscribers. The Gold Play Button is for those channels that cross 1000,000 subscribers. The diamond play button is for subscribers that reach 10,000,000 subscribers while Ruby Play button is for channels that win 50,000,000 subscribers.

Earlier, Canada based Pakistani YouTuber, Sham Idress also got the Gold play button. But Nadir Ali is the first Pakistani in the sense that he is currently residing in Karachi and operating his channel from Pakistan. So, this certainly is a milestone achieved by a Pakistani YouTuber.

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