Toyota Planning to Partner With Geely for New Hybrid Vehicle Tech


New Hybrid Vehicles:

Toyota Motors Corporation has announced that it’s going to work with Geely partner for New Hybrid Vehicle. The two companies are in talks to cooperate on hybrid car projects. The Japanese automotive giant hopes to get access to more technology for future products and is also planning to expand its sales in China, one of the biggest auto markets in the world.

Toyota talked to Reuters regarding its strategy and said that both companies are “communicating with each other” about gasoline-electric hybrid technology. However, it did not clarify what aspects of this technology were getting discussed between Toyota and Geely, and what kind of projects will both companies cooperatively work on.

A separate source claims that their discussion involved a third-party Chinese supplier of electric battery technology that has been linked to both companies separately. When asked, Toyota declined to comment on the details giving a general statement instead,

Toyota has been conducting the business with the open policy which also applies to the area of electrification technologies. The relationship with Geely (Toyota is exploring) is also based on this open policy.

Geely declined to comment on the matter. A Chinese media report that said Geely and Toyota will be working on conventional hybrid technology pushed the Japanese company to send an official response.

Toyota is already an established brand in China. It locally produces its popular hybrid models within the Asian market, selling cars such as Corolla and Levin since 2015.

It will also unveil new plug-in versions of the two models next year within China.

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