New Techniques & Procedures bring Pakistani Hospitals for Heart & Lung Diseases

Heart & Lung

Heart & Lung Diseases:

Heart & Lung diseases caused by smoking. Smoking is a very bad habit, its a very dangerous for our young generation. Most of deaths caused by heart attack. We should avoid smoking because it destroy completely our internal system rapidly.

Therefore Pakistani hospitals brings specially modern & new techniques for this purpose. Its a very good news for us & our nation. Now mostly people took advantage  from this way.

The confusing and complex interplay of factors leading to “cor pulmonary” may be somewhat clarified if the effects of excessive pulmonary hypertension causing right heart overloading (“pulmonary hypertensive heart disease”) are separated from the ventilator defects that result in arterial denaturation, erythrocytes, and moderate pulmonary hypertension (“emphysema heart”). In the former group, heart failure dominates the clinical picture; in the latter, it is assumed that heart failure occurs on the basis of a “myocardial factor”—presumably arteriosclerosis heart disease—whose manifestations are colored and modified by the coexisting and contributing respiratory dysfunction. Overlapping of these two distinct forms occurs frequently, and pulmonary hypertension may be severe enough to be the chief precipitating cause of failure in emphysema, particularly in young subjects and in patients with kyphoscoliosis. Respiratory disturbances, fibrosis, and loss of pulmonary elasticity may accompany heart failure secondary to right ventricular overloading which may ultimately lead to significant arterial denaturation at rest and the development of polycythemia, even in this group. It is typical, however, that the disturbances leading to cor pulmonale rarely, if ever, involve the actual pulmonary function of alveolar-capillary gas exchange; they are confined to the abnormalities of the precapillary pulmonary vasculature and to the mechanical apparatus of the chest cage and of the pulmonary parenchyma concerned with breathing mechanisms.

When erythrocytosis has occurred, heart failure from cor pulmonale will soon make its appearance. Unless the arterial oxygen content falls sharply on exercise, resting oxygen saturation values in excess of 80 per cent do not cause this type of polycythemia; nor does polycythemia as such, as in erythremia (“vera”), result in significant arterial desaturation, pulmonary hypertension, or heart failure. However, little is known concerning the hemodynamic load imposed by an increase in blood viscosity.


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