Pakistan is One the top of the Fast Food Industries list in the World

Fast Food

 Fast Food:

No doubt,Pakistan is One the top of the Fast Food Industries list in the World. American fast food brands are available in Pakistan today. Three important brands of fast food are very popular allover the world & plays very important role in their fields. Three important brands are as under:


1.Pizza Hut

Probably the most popular brand of pizza in the world at the moment and, without doubt, the most famous pizza franchise in Pakistan at the moment, pizza hut does not need any kind of introduction. It began operating in 1993 and since then has opened 40 outlets in all major cities of Pakistan. Pizza Hut Pakistan was also one of the first American fast food chains that initiated their operations in the country. The sheer volume of sales is unbelievable and it is indeed difficult to find a table at any Pizza Hut outlet if you are visiting during lunch or dinner hours.


McDonald’s Pakistan opened their first branch back in 1998 at Gulberg, Lahore. Since that day, there has been not a single down day for any of the 27 outlets operating in the country right now. It is arguably the number one burger chain in Pakistan right now. Kids are its primary customers and McDonald’s management never seems to forget that. The mini toys that come with every happy meal attract hundreds of kids to McDonald’s on a daily basis. The franchise seems to keep on growing and growing every single day. Apart from the outlets, McDonald’s also performs business through smart shops. These smart shops are located at popular malls and markets.


Although KFC has compromised on quality to some extent, but in terms of prices and deals it has a clear edge on others. Not only it’s the most famous fried chicken outlet, it’s also the biggest American fast food chain operating in Pakistan at present. With over 60 outlets in almost every major city of the country, along with several smart shops, KFC Pakistan has come a long way since 1997. To this day, there has been no decline in the popularity of KFC. The number of sales is quite huge. This can be judged by looking at the PKR 10 Million that is paid on a monthly basis in terms of taxes. There is no denying that KFC is definitely the most popular food chain in the country right now.


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