Prices Of Petroleum Will Increase In December By OGRA

Petroleum prices

Petroleum prices:

Petroleum prices will increase in December by OGRA. Its a very bad news for everybody. How people manage their budget. Its prices increased day by day. Our government should take an action against it because mostly people cannot bear the increment of petroleum prices.

All of you know that petrol is one of the big need in our country. With out petrol all vehicles are useless.  Almost 80 % people of our country  are belong to a poor and Middle class family. Due to this reason they cannot afford the more expenses which they need. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) proposed an increase of Rs 1.48 per liter in petrol price while Rs 1.20 in High-speed diesel (HSD).

Recommendations Of  OGRA’s:

OGRA suggested the increments in prices of petroleum products.

Rs 15.35 in Super Kerosene Oil (SKO)

Rs 1.48 per liter in petrol price

Rs 13.15 in Light Diesel Oil (LDO)

Rs 1.20 per liter in HS

Prices and Percent Change this year:

If a green signal are given by OGRA’s recommendations, following shift of prices will be seen (per liter).

LDO: From Rs 49 to Rs 62.15 after a 26.9% increase.

Petrol: From Rs 75.99 to Rs 77.49 after a 1.9% increase

HSD: From Rs 84.59 to Rs 86.50 after a 2.4% increase. (depot price

SKO: From Rs 53.19 to Rs 68.54 after an increase of 28.9%

HSD: From Rs 50.07 to Rs 51.27 after a 2.4% increase. (refinery price)


Government amasses huge revenue by charging taxes on petroleum products as their consumption is increasing massively. Government charges the following taxes:

General Sales Tax (GST) on HSD: 31%

GST on rest of petroleum products: 17%




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