4 Different Ways To Naturally Remove Cavities And Heal Tooth Decay

Tooth decay

4 Different Ways To Naturally Remove Cavities And Heal Tooth Decay:

Tooth Decay: There are the 4 different but much simpler and effective ways to naturally remove cavities and heal tooth decay. It’s is time to stop cavity and become your teeth beautiful. Teeth are the important part of our face, so require your attention and proper care. If you don’t like to visiting the hospital or dentist. You will try to own to prevent dental decay. The Doctors are advise to change some simple dietary.

We at PakTimes. Com created a list of 4 different and simple natural methods which you can use to prevent the effect of tooth decay and remove cavities.

Tooth Brush Regularly Clean:


The most important tool that we are use to clean our teeth regularly. We brush our teeth twice a day or after eating the meal.

  • Use cover brush after brush your teeth.
  • Wash your tooth brush with warm water.

Use Misvak Regularly:


The misvak is a good and most effective tool that we are use to clean our teeth. Use misvak daily because it is sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).

  • Misvak make your teeth strong and healthy.
  • It can clear out your throat odour.
  • It can whiten your teeth if you daily use misvak.

Supplements And Vitamins To Your Diet:

Bacteria teeth

The sweets and candies are harmful for our teeth. Vitamins are essential for good and better health of your teeth.

  • To improve our teeth, you should use a lot of fruits, nuts and vegetables. The best fruits and vegetables are banana, apple, peas and Brussels sprouts.
  • Grains foods are good for vitamin B and iron. It is helpful for tooth decay.
  • Grains food contain magnesium, a mineral that helps to absorb calcium and strengthen your teeth.

Make Toothpaste at Home:

Home made toothpaste

The simple and effective toothpaste make at home with few natural ingredients. You can sure the all ingredients are natural and won’t harm your teeth. There are the following ingredients to make the tooth paste.

  1. Sea salt             (3 tbsp)
  2. Stevia                (1 tsp)
  3. Baking soda      (2 tbsp)
  4. Coconut oil        (1/4 cup)
  • Mix all the ingredients. Then you get a paste. Use this paste regularly after eating a meal.
  • Don’t use this toothpaste for more than 15 days. Because Due to its abrasive structure and absence of fluoride.

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