Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks and rumours

samsung galaxy note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been developing in stories and leaks for quite a while now, and I guess it’s time for something solid, and I am hopeful we will get to know, don’t we deserve it. For now, a leaked Note 9 patent has surfaced and among other major features, it has also exposed that upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will have an iPhone X-like notch.

A clear application filed in China, firstly reported by Mobilekopen has affirmed that the South Korean giant will finally be embracing the display notch for their smartphone lineup. Samsung has been hard at work on a way to rise the screen to bezel ratio of its smartphones. Until it can hide everything under the glass and still have the glass act as a screen, there’s one solution on the market that everyone is following. And it’s called “notch”.

If Samsung is feeling mainly self-assured with the Note 9 though, what we could see is the company announcing the new phone in August, and then having it launch in September, directly taking on Apple’s new announcements with an actual physical product. But we think that’s unlikely.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release date:

Software testing schedules reported on 22 March 2018 suggest that the Note 9 might be released previously than usual, perhaps in July 2018. That would give Samsung a head start on sales before the new iPhone is announced.

Whenever the Note 9 is launched, no doubt Samsung will throw its usual launch event, inviting the world’s media to a major press gathering with gigantic screens and numerous company executives on hand to help unveil the new phone, with an accompanying live stream for those unable to attend.


In terms of raw power, we’d expect the same Exynos 9810 or Snapdragon 845 chips to be running under the hood (depending on your region), just as they are in the S9 and the S9 Plus. The S9 Plus now matches the 6GB of RAM that came with the Note 8, and it’s unlikely Samsung will go any higher this year.

Firmware leaks have revealed that two versions of the Note 9 are in the pipeline, and we’d expect those to be the model with the Exynos 9810 chip and the model with the Snapdragon 845 chip – which one you’ll get will depend on where in the world you live, as with the S9 and S9 Plus.

On March 28, a Note 9 speed test surfaced. That benchmark showed that the Note 9 will be faster than the Galaxy S9 Plus, but slightly slower than the Galaxy S9.

As far as screen size goes, the Note 9 may well match the 6.3 inches of the Note 8, just a shade bigger than the S9 Plus. The bezels could shrink even further, though they were already very small on the 2017 model anyway. It’s likely that if the bezels do shrink then Samsung will use the opportunity to put a bigger screen into the same sized body. That might explain why one leak says that the Note 9 will feature a 6.4″ screen, which would also put a bit more distance between it and the Galaxy S9 Plus.

The Note 8 had a decent camera upgrade so the Note 9 is likely to have a more minor camera bump, probably matching the dual-sensor 12MP+12MP rear-facing camera of the S9 Plus, together with the repositioned fingerprint scanner.

And it will of course come with a stylus, the signature feature of the Note line-up, so you’ll be able to do all the usual tricks – like put handwritten notes on the lock screen. As noted above, together with these slight improvements and increase in size, you can expect the price to go higher than the £869/$840 Samsung is asking for an unlocked S9 Plus.

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