Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date Announced

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Electronics is planning to release its next Galaxy smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S9) in last week of the February. A month earlier than the Samsung Galaxy S8 unveiled. Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus may make its appearance in late February 2018 and officially release in the same month. It should have latest Android version comprising in it. According to Bloomberg researchers who spoke with people related with the release of this device. Smartphone fans will have this device before their expectation due to the early release by the company.

Normally Samsung releases its flagship line in April of every year. As Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in March released the devices in April. Bloomberg revealed, that Galaxy S8 would not have made its one year anniversary before the release of next flagship device. This should be in their bad book that their previous model has not completed its anniversary.

Samsung Galaxy S9:

Samsung Galaxy S9

There should be a second reason behind Samsung’s early release, since Apple’s iPhone X gained positive response and enhanced its sales volume, so the Galaxy S9 could challenge Apple’s sales to make some mark in their revenue. Therefore as device rumours is getting circulating, the galaxy s9 and s9+ mirror its predecessors but they have enhanced mobile cameras and processors, which may not be major factor for Samsung fans, especially as Apple‘s iPhone X had a full makeover. Cameras of currently running devices like Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 is not bad when compare to the competitors.

Despite the date of announcement, people close to the matter also told Bloomberg that the plans for the new device models are fluid and subject to change in some extents so this device can make good remark in the market and can boost the sales for the mobile section of the company.

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