In self driving car technology list samsung is on the top


You may be aware that world of technology is working widely on self driven cars. The South Korean oversize is gearing up its incidence in the self driving car technology sphere. The news which presently came out shows that Samsung is committing a $300m fund towards funding the startups, that aspire at emergent the required tech to power sovereign car. The funds would be engaged in upward cutting frame tech, both hardware and software.

These funds would be used in developing different technologies and goods like smart sensors, towering concert computers, and technology linked systems like those to be in work for connectivity and shelter. The software vision of Computer , which will escort these hardware. Samsung also intends to put the funds towards making the huge important machines.

Today Samsung was announced this project, at an vehicle event in Germany. The fund would be headed by a elder Samsung bureaucrat, John Abstainer who earlier acted as VP Smart Machines at the Samsung approach & novelty Center. He also bears familiarity of working in automotive business, and in reality worked as a previous Director at a US-bas Funds will not frankly  used in the expansion of these goods, As an alternative company will fund into various startups which,  in revolve will come up with products.

Samsung is one of the best company on the top of the list who introduce their company in field of modern self driving car technology. This modern car play very important role in this modern technology field. Korean Land Ministry  granted to be the consent presently allowing the company to test its self driving car technology.

Certainly Samsung will not be making any new cars as such, but will develop sensors, software, and other apparatus to make self-driving cars much better. The South Korean giant will be using its technology on a Hyundai made car.


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