Samsung to bring AI features in all its devices by 2020


Samsung wants AI features:

Samsung is planning to integrate Artificial Intelligence -powered voice assistant Bixby in all of its product lineups by 2020.

The Director of Samsung Electronics Kim Hyun-suk, told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that Samsung expects to bring Artificial Intelligence features in all its products by the year 2020. The company plans to introduce the features of Bixby to home devices such as televisions, smart speakers, and smart fridges. Kim hopes that bringing Artificial Intelligence to home devices through Bixby will rise the demand for these appliances. Samsung home devices will work around SmartThings app.

Bixby is quite similar in function to the different virtual supporters such as Apple’s Siri, Google Voice Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Customers can activate the assistant by just saying “Hi, Bixby”. Once activated, the users would be able to ask the device to perform different tasks, ranging from calling a number to complicated commands like asking your smartphone to not disturb you between some specific hours.

Kim told WSJ that this project will be skillful with the help of 1,000 AI focussed and dedicated engineers. To the market researcher ABI point of view, previous year Fifty-Two million homes in the US had at least one smart speaker now the number is expected to rise by 280 million homes by the end of 2022. These users control various systems in their homes using voice commands.

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By integrating all the Samsung products with AI-powered Bixby, the day is not far away when Bixby will remind you through your television or fridge to take out your clothes from Samsung washing machine and put them into the dryer.

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