Scheme Of Supply Clean Water Inaugurated in Chitral

Clean Water

Scheme Of Supply Clean Water:

Clean water is very important for our life and health. It plays very important role in our daily life because, the 70% part of our body consist in water. there are many diseases caused by dirty water therefore we should avoid to drink water without boil.

In boiling procedure a large amount of germs die by this way. In our country there are many issues the one of the biggest problem is lack of clean water. Due to earthquake and flood people of chitral face this serious problem.  People in this region have suffered due to recurrent natural calamities and the district authorities are trying their utmost to rehabilitate the affected population. UNICEF has proactively restored 20 drinking water schemes in Chitral district and another 21 in Shangla district, within months of the floods and the earthquake that struck the region in 2015.

Our government should pay attention on this serious problem because this issue connect with many peoples like chain.

UNICEF is grateful to the Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the District Administration of Chitral and DFID for its generous support not only for this particular water scheme but also for their overall support to our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene emergency response after the floods and the earthquake in Chitral.



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