Twenty Thousand schools shift to Solar Energy By Govt of Punjab


Schools shift to Solar Energy By Govt of Punjab:

Twenty Thousand schools shift to Solar Energy By Govt of Punjab. This programme in its first phase, is being initiated from schools of South Punjab. Its a very modern technology for all education institutes which helps us and our government to save electricity for us and our nation in this way.

Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the clean drinking water programme was an important project and it had to be completed within the stipulated period. He expressed these views while addressing a meeting through video link on implementation of the potable water project.

He said the programme worth billions of rupees was being launched in southern Punjab. He said, “We have to achieve the goals of this programme through hard work, passion and dedication.” He said it was his belief that any task done with sincerity and dedication would be successful therefore the clean water programme would also be successful. He directed the South and North Saaf Pani Companies to come forward with firm decisions and give results. He said that every citizen was entitled to clean water and “we will provide him with it”. He said that this programme should be an exemplary one like other schemes of the Punjab government in terms of transparency and quality. He said there would be no compromise on the quality of this project. Secretaries of concerned departments, CEOs of Saaf Pani Companies, higher officials and foreign experts attended the meeting through video link.


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Over the past decade, electricity prices have been rising and the cost of energy is expected to continue to increase over time. Volatile prices set on the utility market can make it difficult for schools to plan and budget for the future. A clear way to take control of energy costs is to go the autonomous route by installing solar to generate your own power from the school’s rooftop. As of 2016, solar is the cheapest resource of energy in the world, and big commercial bids are often where the lowest prices are seen.

On the Energy Sage Solar Marketplace, there’s a clear trend: as systems get bigger, the cost per watt of a solar panel system falls. The world record for lowest-cost solar energy was set last year in Dubai with a massive solar array bid at under 3 cents per kilowatt-hour, which illustrates why large institutions like schools and colleges stand to benefit the most from going solar.

Big corporations like Apple, Facebook and Google recognize the financial benefits and have launched massive solar farms to power data centers and operations in the past few years. When you pair this commercial-scale benefit with the reality that educational institutions are always looking to find ways to reduce operational costs and lower tuition dues, solar can significantly contribute to savings for a college or K-12 school.

For many students in the modern era, especially in liberal urban environments, the prospect of going to a school or university that is seen as being sustainable and eco-conscious can be a distinguishing factor. Thousands of students seek out schools that will be the best environment to study sustainable practices and green policy, which makes solar-powered universities a very attractive option.

The sustainability movement has taken off in a major way, and the majority of universities have established some type of Office of Sustainability to promote green practices. Having a massive solar array on a school’s rooftop is an easy way to establish a green power brand and offer an edge for students trying to decide between two colleges of similar appeal. Additionally, schools and universities are associated with innovation and thus, having the newest, most carbon conscious and efficient form of energy will certainly affirm credibility that a school in question is truly a progressive institution.


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