Sony back to AI and releasing a new robotic dog


Sony turns to AI:

Innovations funds of Sony is a commercial project capital fund that works together with international researchers, external companies and new startup. It will now focus on artificial intelligence and robotics technologies in a tender to develop assets within the business.

Additionally, Sony invests their funds in American start-up Cogitai, has enabled further development in artificial intelligence. These funds use for deep theory learning and guess technologies as the charity for the next invention of sony products. Sony’s original Aibo was one of the first artificial intelligence products built for ordinary consumers.


Robotic Dog Using AI:

AI Dog
AI Dog
  • This company relaunching its artificial intelligence robotic dog  after 10 years.
  • Its features life like movements and interactions with humans, responding to praise and petting.
  • It will be the first to connect to the cloud and a dedicated smartphone app.

Original Aibo was released in 1999, with clunky, robotic movements. In November this year Sony announced it is set to make a comeback to AI. The new version not only looks different, but is capable of new movements and forming emotional attachments with humans.

The new Aibo will be available through out Japan in 2018, which will be starting at 198,000 Yen (£1,300) and a monthly subscription fee for some amount.

This new innovation comes with special purpose gain profits for Sony, which also helps to makes products such as the hugely popular and famous.

Sony’s artificial intlligence robotic dog is Back after 10 years – Aibo Video:

Middle East and Africa managing director said that, Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast growing developing area. And secondly company continues to invest in at least two decades after we launched ‘AIBO’. The robotic dog that used artificial intelligence to interact with human, its owner and its surroundings.

AIBO is also prepared with its proprietary ultra-compact actuators, a variety of sensors, deep learning technology for sensing and determined images and sounds, and artificial intelligence technology that connects AIBO to the cloud.

Moreover, this company is associate to the ‘firm on AI to promote people and the general public, a non-profit business shaped to create solutions for humanity’s most challenging tasks.

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