Vaseline benefits
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3 unique tips of Vaseline for our skin

Vaseline benefits: Vaseline benefits: Vaseline is good for our skin. There are many benefits of vaseline petroleum jelly. We can use vaseline petrolium jelly for skin, lips, feet, hands and…

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acne problem
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How to get rid of acne problem rapidly

Skin: There are many types of skin diseases like acne problem, dark spots, brown spots, patches, b lack heads, skin rashes, viltigo, moles,  etc. Our skin plays very important role…

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Brilliant and Unexpected Ways to Use Sugar For Your Skin

Sugar: There are many benefits of sugar. Paktimes is going to share with you some tips on how to use sugar differently and with a much more rewarding outcome.   For wounds:   According to scientist sugar…

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Eight Dangerous Diseases Which are Harmful For Our Skin

Eight Dangerous Diseases: 1. Acne, blackheads, clogged pores   There are many reasons for acne: too much skin oil which clogs facial pores, hormone imbalance, or digestion problems. Acne is always a consequence. Of course, it is necessary to provide…

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