Translator App of Arabic grocery comes to the UAE

Arabic grocery

Arabic grocery:

Arabic grocery translator app now comes in UAE. Traditional groceries/supermarkets are adapting to new business conditions launching apps, opting for new online avenues and yet retaining its loyalty to its customers by racing against all the challenges. The idea is to retain the customer base.

An issue in Arabic, which a lot of language learners have, is when it’s typed on the internet, a lot of people use Arabese, where they use the Roman scripts to write Arabic.

“And in the colloquial dialect there’s not very much consistency in what’s written, so the team used a really cool system, which converted all of what’s written into what it sounds like phonetically, and then it translates based off what it sounds like.”

After the competition, Qusasat, which included eight team members from universities in five Arab countries, was approached by some of the judges, who expressed interest in investing in and supporting the project – a testament to the immense amount the team had achieved in such a short amount of time.

There are more than 2,800 groceries in Dubai and the number is increasing. These groceries are suppose to upgrade their standards as per the directives of The Dubai Economy and new standards for licensing groceries in the emirate,were with the aim of establishing a uniform identity for such stores and make them look consistent from inside and outside in line with international standards. The Dubai Economy expected 20 per cent of the grocery stores to comply with the new standards by the end of 2016, and the remaining 80 per cent to complete the transition by 2018.



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