Usage of toothpaste in our daily life


What’s in Toothpaste ?

Toothpaste is one of the best thing. There are many uses of toothpaste in our daily life. It is not only use for teeth cleaning also helped for skin whitening, remove dark spots, clean glasses, remove stains etc.

Mostly it is normally use to clean teeth and also apply for preventing the germs in mouth but here at PakTimes.Com sharing such wonderful uses of toothpaste as well as use it for removing dark spots on your face, best for remove acne clean your clothes iron, shine bathroom.

Uses of toothpaste:


  • Use For Remove Acne
  • Use For hands smell
  • Use For Wash Glass
  • Use For Skin Whitening

1. Use For Remove Acne:


Toothpaste use for acne
Toothpaste use for acne

Acne is a one of the biggest issue in new generation of ladies. Now don’t need to worry you can remove acne and pimple by using of paste. It is an effective way to save skin quickly and easily from the acne. Take some quantities of paste and add it to seeds and apply where there is acne on your face. There will be wonderful results of a few times.

2. Use For hands smell:

toothpaste use for get rid off hands smell
toothpaste use for get rid off hands smell


After cutting the onion or garlic and ginger, the smell remains in your hands after washing hands and the soap is unable to save it. If a small amount of  paste is done on a whiskey, the odor goes away. Its a very simple and effective way.

3. Use For wash glass:


Toothpaste use for wash glass
Toothpaste use for wash glass



How cleansed the glass, they look foggy and dirty, but with the help of tooth paste, the glass can be cleaned and shining them like a new one. Its a very simple and effective way.

4. Use For Skin whitening:


Toothpaste use for skin whitening
Toothpaste use for skin whitening


It is one of the biggest thing for whitening your skin. If you want to fresh, glow, smooth, shiny and healthy skin just use paste. Its a very useful thing and it gives you result very soon.

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