3 unique tips of Vaseline for our skin

Vaseline benefits

Vaseline benefits:

Vaseline benefits: Vaseline is good for our skin. There are many benefits of vaseline petroleum jelly. We can use vaseline petrolium jelly for skin, lips, feet, hands and body which are essential for us in our daily life. It can perform many of your chores for which you seek various kinds of products that even sometimes you go out to buy. Now there are many types of vaseline available in markets. Petroleum jelly is fat. It’s a purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.

As you know that there are many benefits of vaseline petrolium jelly. Some are mentioned under.

3 unique tips of Vaseline:

  • Use for elbow
  • Use for lips
  • Use for hands and  feet

1. Vaseline Use for Elbow:



It is good for elbow softness and remove elbow darkness. Apply a thin layer of vaseline petroleum jelly on your elbow. Cut the toes off of two white cotton tube socks, and pull them over your arms; this covers the elbows to prevent getting the jelly on your bedding. Rinse any residual jelly away in the morning with a moisturizing body wash.

اپنی دونوں کہنیوں پر روزانہ تھوڑی سی واسلین لگا لیں ، کچھ عرصے میں آپ کی کہنیاں نرم ہو جائیں گی


2. Vaseline Use for lips:




vaseline petroleum jelly is good for lips. It is a good, fantastic moisturizer, locking moisture in and protecting lips from drying out. It’s been a go-to lip care product for generations and is made with our 100% pure petroleum jelly which moisturizes the lips and won’t dry them out. Apply a thin layer of vaseline on your lips.


اگرآپ ایک پرفیکٹ اور دلکش مسکراہٹ چاہتے ہیں تو تھوڑی سی واسلین لے کر اپنے ہونٹوں پر لگالیں ۔  دنیا کی بہت سی مشہور شخصیات یہ طریقہ استعمال کرتی ہیںٰ ۔


3. Vaseline Use for Hands and Feet:




Vaseline petroleum jelly is a good moisturizer  and lotion which helps to makes your hands and feet soft day by day. In harsh winter weather causes havoc for our skin. And, after months of being hidden under clothes and boots, our feet and hands need some moisturizer.


تھوڑی سی واسلین لے کراپنےہاتھوں اور پیروں پر لگائیں اورموزے پہن لیں ، یہ عمل دھراتے رہیں ، کچھ ہی دنوں میں آپ کےہاتھ اور پیر نرم اور خوبصورت ہونا شروع ہو جائیں گے ۔


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