Wonderful Stretching Exercises Which Help to Finish Back Pain

stretching exercises

Stretching Exercises:

As you know that exercises are very important to maintain our body. We should do exercise on daily basis. There are many benefits of exercises. It maintain blood pressure, control brain system, finish stress and frustration etc. Majority of people who work in an office in front of a computer know well the torment of back pain. PakTimes.Com brought to you effective and simple stretching exercises which help to finish back pain properly.

Step 1:

First of all Gently put both knees on one side with your head in the opposite direction. Your shoulders should stay motionless, fixed, and pushed to the floor. Freeze in this position for 10 minutes, and repeat the same actions on the other side.


stretching exercises


Step 2:

In thoracic spine strengthening you will feel smooth stretching in your lower back. Its very effective exercise which help to get rid off backside pain completely. You can do this exercise like this way.


stretching exercises

Step 3:

Influences: Abdominal muscles. If your abs are not active, your stomach can bulge due to this reason and your spine can shift forward. If you perform correctly, this exercise which is given below  you will feel light tension in your abdominal or belly muscles.


stretching exercises

Step 4:

First of all push your pelvis to the floor, and take a breath. When you exhale, lift your rib cage up.

From the starting position, pull one knee to the opposite elbow (the other elbow stays on the floor.) Then straighten your knee, but don’t put it on the floor. At the same time, pull the other knee to the opposite elbow. This exercise resembles cycling. Do this exercise 10 times at a slow pace.


Stretching exercises

All of these are really very effective and simple stretching exercises which help to main our body properly and finish back pain completely.

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